The LEA Project
The LEA Project
A new artificial intelligence offering from EthiCo LABS

Who is LEA?

Who is LEA?

Our Learning-Enabled Algorithm is much more than a digital assistant. She's an extension of yourself!



Lightning-fast responses at near-instantaneous speeds, powered by EthiCo's global mesh network of integrated devices



At EthiCo LABS, humans come first. That's why we've built LEA to cater to your unique lifestyle and maximize your potential.



With over 80 billion parameters and countless possible combinations, no two LEA profiles are alike.



Each unit comes with one free year of EthiCare Support, backed by our global team of diverse Care Warriors.

Unique Parameters
Satisfied Customers
Lanuage Options
Unified System

The LEA Revolution

LEA is EthiCo's own Learning-Enabled Algorithm: an anticipatory artificial intelligence program built with next-generation machine learning. That's just our fancy way of saying that she's designed entirely around you! She can automate your daily purchases, manage your hectic schedule, and even suggest the perfect time for you to sit back and chill out!

Each user will recieve a highly personalized experience with integrated cross-platform interactions. LEA will adapt and grow alongside you, anticipating your needs before you're even aware you've had them! Need to find a coffee break? LEA's on it! Forgot another birthday? LEA's got you covered! Whatever life throws your way, LEA has your back.

Who are we?

Say hello to the team at EthiCo LABS!


Simon Silver

EthiCo Founder & Chief Revolution Officer

As a young technological prodigy, Simon Silver hand-crafted the first LEA prototype at the age of 17 using his father's discarded eReader. Five years later, Silver experienced a spiritual awakening after his plane crashed while en route to DevCon Mumbai. Deep in the rainforests of Borneo, Silver modified his LEA System to guide him toward the nearest primate sanctuary. After returning to society, Silver developed the tenets of the Computational Mindfulness (CM) movement: synergizing transcendental spirituality, holistic living, and transhuman development.

These principles are the bedrock on which we’ve built the EthiCo brand. EthiCo is now the world's top cloud computing provider, and has expanded into retail with a large variety of LEA-powered products, from EthiCall Phones to the newly launched EthiCab automated taxi service. By opening up The LEA Project to everyone, Silver aims to launch humankind into its next evolution.


Norrah Di Cresci

Developer Team Lead, The LEA Project

Look, I really don't have time to make up some stupid website bio right now. The LEA 2.0 rollout is in under a week and Silver's been steamrolling me all year. Just post whatever you want, okay? I'll sign off on anything.

And stop emailing me about that security audit! You're filling up my inbox - that's precious real estate. I'm sorry that I leave my employee login info written down, but how else am I supposed to remember it when you make me change it every month? Just give me a pass until this launches, then I'll slap my birth year on at the end or whatever rule you made up now. And who the hell would want to log in to our admin site anyway?

I'll change my password whenever I have some free time, which at this point seems well into next year. In the meantime, why don't you fix the spam filter to catch those damn ALF donation blasts? And before you ask, yes, I submitted a ticket.


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